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On this page we have programmes of speakers and events for WIs around the county.

If you would like yours displayed here please email your programme as either a word document of preferably a PDF to

Sandy Owls WI.jpg

Sandy WI 2024

BCFWI logo.jpg

Biggleswade Evening WI

to June 2024

BCFWI logo.jpg

Carlton & Chellington WI

 to March 2023

BCFWI logo.jpg

Biggleswade WI

to Mar 2025


Clapham Belles WI

to April 2025

BCFWI logo.jpg

Sharnbrook WI

to March 2024

BCFWI logo.jpg

Fairfield WI

to March 2024

BCFWI logo.jpg

Pavenham WI

to April 2024

New Langford Wi Shield x (2).jpg

Langford WI

to May 2024

Eggington WI

to June 2024

Hightown Honeys WI


Wharley End WI

to Feb 2025

Clifton WI

to March 2025

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