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WI House is open Monday and Wednesday from 10:00am to 12:30 pm and 1:30pm - 3pm.

Please note from 1st February 2024 the office will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Board of Trustees, will try to keep the office open for business between 10am and 2pm when the Federation Secretary is not in the office but we are a small team and it may not always be possible to staff the house.


Thank you for your understanding.



Elizabeth Cochrane

Federation Chairman


Eves Trophy 2024

Details of the competition for this year will be available very soon.


Arts, Sport & Leisure Committee

The committee have been busy and have several events planned with more in the pipeline.

Events include:

  • Indoor Kurling in June

  • a trip to Winterbourne House and gardens in May

  • Film Music Gala at the Royal Albert Hall in May

  • Crazy Bag Whist in September

  • John Rutter Christmas Extravaganza in December. 



Public and International Affairs with Science Committee

We are busy arranging differnt types of events which we hope will be appealing:

  • A tour of the Higgins and Panacea Museums in Bedford

  • Wine tasting and supper in July exploring South African wines.

  • A charity walk to support our Chairty of the year Carers in Bedfordshire.


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