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WI House is open Monday to Thursday from 9:30am to 12:30 pm and 1:30pm - 3pm.

The Board of Trustees, will try to keep the office open for business between 10am and 2pm when the Federation Secretary is not in the office but we are a small team and it may not always be possible to staff the house.


Thank you for your understanding.



Sally Ball

Federation Chairman

Resolutions Shortlist 2022/2023

1. Save our water – every drop matters


As global temperatures rise, there is a risk drought will become more frequent in the UK. This will place increasing strains on the UK’s water supply and endanger our natural world. The NFWI calls on government and water companies to work together to develop robust plans that would ensure the UK’s long-term water security, including addressing water leakage from pipes. The NFWI calls on WI members to take immediate personal actions to value and conserve water.

2. Women to women – turning over a new leaf in the lives of women tea workers

While in the UK we enjoy our daily cuppa, the mostly women tea workers who produce our tea struggle to access living wages, decent housing, sanitation or education for their children due to the low prices paid to producers for tea. The NFWI calls on UK tea companies and retailers to take action to fix the broken tea buying system to enable plantation owners to give women tea pluckers a fair deal so they can live the healthy and prosperous family life they deserve.


3.Online gambling harm: time for action

Online gambling has substantially increased, resulting in a growing number of people being exposed to the risks of gambling-related harms. Current legislation is inadequate in addressing the harms caused by problem gambling and in providing protections to those affected. This resolution calls on decisionmakers to introduce updated legislation and regulation to address these issues, and for increased support to be made available to those affected by problem gambling, particularly women and children.

4. Clean rivers for people and wildlife

Water quality in our rivers is shameful. Legally, designated bathing waters must be regularly monitored for pollution. The NFWI urges its members, the wider public, local authorities and Government to make, support and promote applications for official designated bathing sites on appropriate stretches of rivers in their area. This will be as instrumental to the clean up of rivers as it has been for water quality improvement at coastal beaches.


Lady Denman Cup 2023

WI members are invited to write a letter explaining how the WI has influenced or

mpacted them as an individual, and how it has helped them become the woman they

are today.


Members should consider how their letter would inspire other women and girls and

encourage them to join the WI. Entries must be no more than 500 words; the letter

can either be left open or addressed to a particular individual.

Entries must be submitted direct to NFWI by 28th July 2023. Results will be announced mid October 2023.

Click here for the schedule and here for an entry form.

Margaret Smart Memorial Trophy 2023

This years comptetion is a A POST BOX CORONATION TOPPING made from yarn knitted and/or crocheted

in colours of your choice.

The cost is £5 per entry. Individuals and WIs may submit entries (up to 3 members working together).

Please indicate on the entry form all the members taking part.


Completed application forms must be received by Friday 10th March 2023 and the finished item delivered to

WI House during office hours, week commencing 10th April 2023.


                                       Submitted entries will be on display at THE ANNUAL COUNCIL MEETING

                                       on 24thApril 2023. When the Margaret Smart Trophy will also be presented.


Click herfull schedule and here for an entry form.


Arts, Sport & Leisure Committee

The committee have been busy and have several events planned with more in the pipeline. Events include Indoor Kurling and John Rutter Christmas Extravaganza. During the summer teams are taking part in a darts league taking between April and September. The League final will be held on 12th October where all members can have a go at darts - for free! More details of all the events can be found on the Events page.


Are you an Amazon shopper?

If so, did you know that if you order through Amazon Smile a donation can be made to the charity of your choice at no extra cost to you and your purchase. All you need to do is login to your usual Amazon account via smile using , once signed in you will be asked what Charity you would like to support.  We have set up an account for the Federation and would appreciate it if you selected the federation to be the benefactor - Bedfordshire County Federation Of Women's Institutes.  Every little bit helps


Public and International Affairs with Science Committee

We are encouraging WIs to collect crisp packets and tablet blister packs for recycling. The crisp packets can be sent to Terracycle with the added benefit of raising some cash for your WI. The blister packs can be handed in at Superdrug stores with a pharmacy.


If your WI does not collect either of these they can be dropped of WI House for recycling.

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