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Welcome to BCFWI

Inspiring women 

In 1915 the WI set out to give women a voice and to be a force for good in the community. Since then Nationally our membership and our ambitions alike have grown tremendously. Today the WI is the largest women's organisation in the UK and we pride ourselves on being a trusted place for women of all generations to share experiences and learn from each other.

Bedfordshire is the smallest Shire County in England, we currently have 70 WIs across the County and around 2,300 members. Our first WI was formed in 1917, six of the inaugural WIs have survived and they celebrated their centenaries in 2018. Every WI is unique, some are very small others much larger with over 100 members. As well as their regular monthly WI meeting when members listen to a speaker, learn a new skill, share ideas and enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine they enjoy a wide variety of activities including trips, coffee mornings, craft and book clubs, walking/rambling groups and get involved with National Campaigns.

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